Dasakam: 072 -- Slokam: 05

भूय: क्रमादभिविशन् भवदंघ्रिपूतं
वृन्दावनं हरविरिञ्चसुराभिवन्द्यम् ।
आनन्दमग्न इव लग्न इव प्रमोहे
किं किं दशान्तरमवाप न पङ्कजाक्ष ॥५॥

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Thereafter, as he gradually entered Brindavan, sanctified by Thy lotus feet, and worshipped by even Siva, Brahma and other gods, he was, as it were, completely immersed in Bliss, or under a spell. O Lotus-eyed Lord ! What states of ecstasy did henot experience then !