Dasakam: 072 -- Slokam:12

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चन्द्रागृहे किमुत चन्द्रभगागृहे नु
राधागृहे नु भवने किमु मैत्रविन्दे ।
धूर्तो विलम्बत इति प्रमदाभिरुच्चै-
राशङ्कितो निशि मरुत्पुरनाथ पाया: ॥१२॥

That night Thou failed to meet the Gopikas., the Gopikas imagined Thee of deceitfully spending the night with one or the other of Thy several beloveds, such as Chandra, Chandrabhaga,Radha, or Mitravinda. O Lord of Guruvayur, may Thou protect me.