Dasakam: 73 -- Slokam: 06

अनसा बहुलेन वल्लवानां मनसा चानुगतोऽथ वल्लभानाम् ।
वनमार्तमृगं विषण्णवृक्षं समतीतो यमुनातटीमयासी: ॥६॥

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[link]anasaa bahulena vallavaanaaM manasaa chaanugatO(a)tha vallabhaanaam |
vanamaartamR^igaM viShaNNavR^ikshaM samatiitO yamunaataTiimayaasiiH || 6[/link[

Many carts with Gopikas followed Thee as also the minds and thoughts of the Gopikas. Thou crossed the forest with sorrowful animals and sad trees and reached the banks of the Yamunaa River.