Chanakya neethi Chapter 14
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Chanakya Niti Chapter Fourteen
।। चाणक्य नीति शास्त्र ।।

आत्मापराधवृक्षस्य फलान्येतानि देहिनाम् ।
दारिद्र्यदुःखरोगाणि बन्धनव्यसनानि च ।।

Poverty, disease, sorrow, imprisonment and other evils are the fruits borne by the tree of one's own sins. 1.

पुनर्वित्तं पुनर्मित्रं पुनर्भार्या पुनर्महि ।
एतत्सर्वं पुनर्लभ्यं न शरीरं पुनः पुनः ।।

Wealth, a friend, a wife, and a kingdom may be regained; but this body when lost may never be acquired again. 2.

बहूनां चैव सत्त्वानां समवायो रिपुञ्जयः ।
वर्षाधाराधरो मेघस्तृणैरपि निर्वायते ।।

The enemy can be overcome by the union of large numbers, just as grass through its collectiveness wards off erosion caused by heavy rainfall. 3.

जले तैलं खले गुह्यं पात्रे दानं मनागपि ।
प्राज्ञे शास्त्रं स्वयं याति विस्तारं वस्तुशक्तितः ।।

Oil on water, a secret communicated to a base man, a gift given to a worthy receiver, and scriptural instruction given to an intelligent man spread out by virtue of their nature. 4.

धर्माख्याने श्मशाने च रोगिणां या मतिर्भवेत् ।
सा सर्वदैव तिष्ठेच्चेत्को न मुच्येत बन्धनात् ।।

If men should always retain the state of mind they experience when hearing religious instruction, when present at a crematorium ground, and when in sickness -- then who could not attain liberation. 5.

उत्पन्नपश्चात्तापस्य बुद्धिर्भवति यादृशी ।
तादृशी यदि पूर्वं स्यात्कस्य न स्यान्महोदयः ।।

If a man should feel before, as he feels after, repentance -- then who would not attain perfection? 6.

दाने तपसे शौर्ये वा विज्ञाने विनये नये ।
विस्मयो नहि कर्तव्यो बहुरत्ना वसुंधरा ।।

We should not feel pride in our charity, austerity, valour, scriptural knowledge, modesty and morality because the world is full of the rarest gems. 7.
दूरस्थोऽपि न दूरस्थो यो यस्य मनसि स्थितः ।
यो यस्य ह्रदये नास्ति समिपस्थोऽपि दूरतः ।।

He who lives in our mind is near though he may actually be far away; but he who is not in our heart is far though he may really be nearby. 8.
यस्माच्च प्रियमिच्छेत्तु तस्य ब्रूयात्सदा प्रियम् ।
व्याधो मृगवधं कर्तुं गीतं गायति सुस्वरम् ।।

We should always speak what would please the man of whom we expect a favour, like the hunter who sings sweetly when he desires to shoot a deer. 9.
अत्यासन्ना विनाशाय दुरस्था न फलप्रदा ।
सेव्यतां मध्यभावेन राजा वन्हिर्गुरूः स्त्रियः ।।

It is ruinous to be familiar with the king, fire, the religious preceptor, and a woman. To be altogether indifferent of them is to be deprived of the opportunity to benefit ourselves, hence our association with them must be from a safe distance. 10.
अग्निरापः स्त्रियो मूर्खाः सर्पा राजकुलानि च ।
नित्यं यत्नेन सेव्यानि सद्यः प्राणहराणि षट् ।।

We should always deal cautiously with fire, water, women, foolish people, serpents, and members of a royal family; for they may, when the occasion presents itself, at once bring about our death. 11.
स जीवति गुणा यस्य यस्य धर्मः स जीवति ।
गुणधर्मनिहीनस्य जीवितं निष्प्रयोजनम् ।।

He should be considered to be living who is virtuous and pious, but the life of a man who is destitute of religion and virtues is void of any blessing. 12.
यदिच्छसि वशीकर्तुं जगदेकेन कर्मणा ।
पुरा पञ्चदशास्येभ्यो गां चरन्ति निवारय ।।

If you wish to gain control of the world by the performance of a single deed, then keep the following fifteen, which are prone to wander here and there, from getting the upper hand of you: the five sense objects (objects of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch); the five sense organs (ears, eyes, nose, tongue and skin) and organs of activity (hands, legs, mouth, genitals and anus). 13.
प्रस्तावसदृशं वाक्यं प्रभावसदृशं प्रियम् ।
आत्मशक्तिसमं कोपं यो जानाति स पण्डितः ।।

He is a pandit (man of knowledge) who speaks what is suitable to the occasion, who renders loving service according to his ability, and who knows the limits of his anger. 14.
एक एव पदार्थस्तु त्रिधा भवति वीक्षितः ।
कुणपं कामिनी मांसं योगिभिः कामिभिः श्र्वभिः ।।

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One single object (a woman) appears in three different ways to different kinds of men: To the man who practices austerity woman appears as a corpse. To the sensual man she appears as a woman, and to the dogs as a lump of flesh. 15.
सुसिद्धमौषधं धर्मं गृहच्छिद्रं च मैथुनम् ।
कुभक्तं कुश्रुतं चैव मतिमान्न प्रकाशयेत् ।।

A wise man should not disclose following things : 1. the formula of a medicine which he has well prepared; 2. an act of charity which he has performed; 3. domestic conflicts; 4. private affairs with his wife; 5. poorly prepared food he may have been given; 6. slang he may have heard. 16.
तावन्मौनेन नीयंन्ते कोकिलेश्र्चैव वासराः ।
यात्सर्वजनानन्ददायिनी वाक्प्रवर्तते ।।

The cuckoos remain silent for a long time (for several seasons) until they are able to sing sweetly (in the Spring ) so as to give joy to all. 17.
धर्मं धनं च धान्यं च गुरोर्वचनमौषधम् ।
सुगृहीतं च कर्तव्यमन्यथा तु न जीवति ।।

We should secure and keep the following: the blessings of meritorious deeds, wealth, grain, the words of the spiritual master, and rare medicines. Otherwise life becomes impossible. 18.
त्यज दुर्जनसंसर्गं भज साधुसमागमम् ।
कुरु पुण्यमहोरात्रं स्मर नित्यमनित्यतः ।।
Avoid wicked company and associate with saintly persons. Acquire virtue day and night, and always meditate on that which is eternal forgetting that which is temporary. 19.