Dasakam: 74: Slokam: 08

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आविष्टो नगरीं महोत्सववतीं कोदण्डशालां व्रजन्
माधुर्येण नु तेजसा नु पुरुषैर्दूरेण दत्तान्तर: ।
स्रग्भिर्भूषितमर्चितं वरधनुर्मा मेति वादात् पुर:
प्रागृह्णा: समरोपय: किल समाक्राक्षीरभाङ्क्षीरपि ॥८॥

Having entered the festive city Thou preceded to the hall of the great bow. Charmed by Thy majesty, the people stood at a distance and the guards too gave way to Thee to enter. The great bow lay there decorated with flower garlands and worshiped. Before the guards or the caretakers admonished Thee saying 'No no" Thou took hold of the bow, lifted it up, strung it, drew it and also broke it.