Dasakam: 74: Slokam: 09

श्व: कंसक्षपणोत्सवस्य पुरत: प्रारम्भतूर्योपम-
श्चापध्वंसमहाध्वनिस्तव विभो देवानरोमाञ्चयत् ।
कंसस्यापि च वेपथुस्तदुदित: कोदण्डखण्डद्वयी-
चण्डाभ्याहतरक्षिपूरुषरवैरुत्कूलितोऽभूत् त्वया ॥९॥

The breaking of the bow with a terrific sound was like the heralding drum beat to the festival of Kansa's destruction due the next day. O Lord! The sound caused horripilation in the gods. Even Kansa trembled by the sound which increased many fold and overflowed by the shrieks of the gaurds who were severly beaten by Thee with the two pieces of the bow.

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