Dasakam: 075 -- Slokam: 10

तद्भ्रातृनष्ट पिष्ट्वा द्रुतमथ पितरौ सन्नमन्नुग्रसेनं
कृत्वा राजानमुच्चैर्यदुकुलमखिलं मोदयन् कामदानै: ।
भक्तानामुत्तमं चोद्धवममरगुरोराप्तनीतिं सखायं
लब्ध्वा तुष्टो नगर्यां पवनपुरपते रुन्धि मे सर्वरोगान् ॥१०॥

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After killing Kamsa's eight brothers, Thou didst pay Thy respects to Thy parents andinstall Ugrasena on the throne; and gladdening the entire host of Yadavas, by givingthem all that they desired, Thou didst take as Thy friend, Uddhava, the greatest of Thydevotees, who had learned ethics from the preceptor of the celestials, Brihaspati, andlive happily in that city. O Lord of Guruvayur, deign to remove all my afflictions