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Dasakam: 076 -- Slokam: 06

रासक्रीडालुलितललितं विश्लथत्केशपाशं
मन्दोद्भिन्नश्रमजलकणं लोभनीयं त्वदङ्गम् ।
कारुण्याब्धे सकृदपि समालिङ्गितुं दर्शयेति
प्रेमोन्मादाद्भुवनमदन त्वत्प्रियास्त्वां विलेपु: ॥६॥

The Gopis who were your sweethearts further cried, due to their excess love O Ocean of Compassion! Reveal to us once that form, so that we may once more embrace that form of Thee!“Please give us your well pressed flower like body ,With disheveled hair due to Rasa Kreeda you played with us,Which is drenched with sweat here and there making it more desirable,For hugging and embracing once more , Oh ocean of mercy “Oh God who attracts all the three worlds by your love.