Dasakam: 077 -- Slokam: 02

[hd2`]उपगते त्वयि पूर्णमनोरथां
प्रमदसम्भ्रमकम्प्रपयोधराम् ।
विविधमाननमादधतीं मुदा
रहसि तां रमयाञ्चकृषे सुखम् ॥२[/hd2]

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[link]upagate tvayi puurNa manOrathaaM
pramada sambhrama kampra payOdharaam |
vividha maananamaadadhatiiM mudaa
rahasi taaM ramayaaM chakR^iShe sukham ||2[/link

As soon as On Thy arrival to her house, her mind attained satisfaction her breasts heaved out of immense delight and excitement, in fulfillment of her longing, and she welcomed Thee with great respect and honored Thee in various ways Thou happily delighted her in privacy