Dasakam: 077 -- Slokam: 03

पृष्टा वरं पुनरसाववृणोद्वराकी
भूयस्त्वया सुरतमेव निशान्तरेषु ।
सायुज्यमस्त्विति वदेत् बुध एव कामं
सामीप्यमस्त्वनिशमित्यपि नाब्रवीत् किम् ॥३॥

when Thou were ready to leave At the time she was asked by Thee as to what boon she wanted that pitiable woman prayed that she may get to enjoy in the same manner with Thee some more nights also. Only the wise and discriminating person would seek liberation becoming one with Thee. But, It is surprising that she did not ask your company forever?what prevented her from wanting close proximity with Thee forever?

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