Experiences with Maha Periyava: "Vedamoorthy who showers His grace according to one's need"

It was during the time when Sri Periyava was camping in a place called Kollakkodu. He had arranged a sabha to do a research on Vedic concepts. A Veda Pandit from Vishnupuram was also invited for that sabha.

In Sri Matham, coffee was a banned drink, based on Sri Periyava's orders. Because of the ill effects to health and also for a different spiritual reason, Sri Periyava had clearly told everyone including the servants that coffee should be avoided. But, for someone, who had practiced drinking coffee regularly, would feel that they are missing something, if they don't get coffee.

Similar situation happened on that early morning for Vishnupuram pandit as he did not get coffee. Then, someone called him separately to come out. When he went without knowing the reason, that person gave him hot coffee that made pandit so happy.

After few minutes, Veda sabha started. Sri Periyava came to the sabha, went near this Pandit and asked with a smile, "Did you drink coffee?" Pandit was stunned. He became afraid that Sri Periyava came to know about this when he thought that nobody knew about it.

He stuttered and told, "Someone gave" with a guilty feeling.

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"I only asked to give you" told Sri Periyava and the Pandit was astonished to understand the way Sri Periyava treated and took care of him.

Like this, if we surrender to Sri Sri Sri Maha Periyava, who blesses in the way each devotee wants, is it not true that it would grant us all prosperity, wealth and engulf with His grace.

Grace will continue to flow.

Source: Sri Periyava Mahimai Newsletter – Nov 11 2007