मृद्वीका रसिता सिता समशिता स्फीतं निपीतं पयः
स्वर्यातेन सुधाप्यधायि कतिधा रम्भाधरः खंडितः ।
तत्त्वं ब्रूहि मदीयजीव भवता भूयो भवे भ्राम्यता
कृष्णेत्यक्षरयोरयं मधुरिमोद्गारः क्वचिल्लक्षितः ॥- रसगंगाधर

My dear life (and all past lives)! you have tasted grapes, sugar, creamy milk. You must have even tasted elixir on your visit to heaven. You would have already kissed Rambha (celestial beauty) on her lips. In this life also, you have traveled all world. Tell me, have you ever experienced any joy similar to what you get when you utter the name of 'Krishna'?

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