Dasakam: 080 -- Slokam: 01

सत्राजितस्त्वमथ लुब्धवदर्कलब्धं
दिव्यं स्यमन्तकमणिं भगवन्नयाची: ।
तत्कारणं बहुविधं मम भाति नूनं
तस्यात्मजां त्वयि रतां छलतो विवोढुम् ॥१॥

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Oh God, later you then begged Sathrajit to give you, The Syamanthaka gem that he got from Sun God, And I feel that the reason for that are many, The real reason for Thy action, to mymind, was to create an occasion for winning the hand of his daughter, Satyabhama, who was in love with Thee.