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Dasakam: 080 -- Slokam: 04

भवन्तमवितर्कयन्नतिवया: स्वयं जाम्बवान्
मुकुन्दशरणं हि मां क इह रोद्धुमित्यालपन् ।
विभो रघुपते हरे जय जयेत्यलं मुष्टिभि-
श्चिरं तव समर्चनं व्यधित भक्तचूडामणि: ॥४॥

Jambhavan, that very old and very great devotee of Thine, not recognising Thy identity and so exclaimed, 'who has come to obstruct me who has Mukund as his only resort?' Who dares oppose me who has surrendered completely to Sri Rama, And also shouting "Oh Rama who is everywhere, Oh Hari, Victory be to Thee!, he worshipped Thee with blows of his fists.