Dasakam: 080 -- Slokam: 07

व्रीलाकुलां रमयति त्वयि सत्यभामां
कौन्तेयदाहकथयाथ कुरून् प्रयाते ।
ही गान्दिनेयकृतवर्मगिरा निपात्य
सत्राजितं शतधनुर्मणिमाजहार ॥७॥

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When Thou were delighting the shy Satyabhaamaa, there was the news of Kunti's sons being burnt in the wax palace. So Thou went hurry to Hastinapua.. Alas! During Thy absence, Satadhanva, at the instigation of Akrura and Kritavarma, killed Satrajit and took the jewel away.