Dasakam: 080 -- Slokam: 08

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शोकात् कुरूनुपगतामवलोक्य कान्तां
हत्वा द्रुतं शतधनुं समहर्षयस्ताम् ।
रत्ने सशङ्क इव मैथिलगेहमेत्य
रामो गदां समशिशिक्षत धार्तराष्ट्रम् ॥८॥

Satyabhaama was overcome with grief and came to Hasthinapura to tell The news of her father's death, without any delay you killed Sathadanwa, And made Sathyabhama happy, meanwhile Balarama, Who had some misgivings about the whereabouts of Syamanthaka gem, Went to the capital of Mithila and where he trained Duryodhana in fighting with the mace