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Dasakam: 080 -- Slokam: 11

यातं भयेन कृतवर्मयुतं पुनस्त-
माहूय तद्विनिहितं च मणिं प्रकाश्य ।
तत्रैव सुव्रतधरे विनिधाय तुष्यन्
भामाकुचान्तशयन: पवनेश पाया: ॥११॥

Akrura who had run away out of fear, with Kritvarma. Thou called him again and brought out the jewel hidden with him. Thou then let him retain the jewel who was of good conduct, and satisfied him. Thou then lived happily with Satyabhaamaa reclining on her bosom. O Lord of Guruvaayur! Save me.