Dasakam: 082 -- Slokam: 05

पुरिइपालः शैलप्रिय दुहित्र^इनाथो अस्य भगवान
समं भुउत व्रातैयदुबलमशन्कं निरुरुधे |
महा प्राणो बाणो झटिति युयुधानेन युयुधे
गुहः प्रद्युम्नेन त्वमपि पुरःअन्त्रा जघटिषे || 5

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Lord Siva Who was the the guardian deity of Bana's palace,Along with his Bhoothas stopped the army,The mighty Bana speedily fought With Sathyaki,And Lord Subrahmanya fought with Pradhyumna,And you fought with the great Lord Shiva himself who wasthe destroyer of the three Puras.