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Dasakam: 082 -- Slokam: 08

बाणं नानायुधोग्रं पुनरभिपतितं दर्पदोशादिवितन्वन
निर्लुउनाशे सदोषं सपदि बुबुधुषा शङ्करेनोपगितः |
तद्वाचा शिष्टबाहु द्वित्यमुभयतो निर्भयं तत्प्रियं तं
मुक्त्वा तद्दत्तमानो निजपुरमगमः सानिरुद्धः सहोषः || 8

When you started cutting all the hands of Bana,Who opposed you only due to his arrogance,And who was armed with very many weapons,Except for two hands on each side of his body,Lord Shankara suddenly woke up and praised you,And as per the request of Lord Shiva,You let Bana have two hands on each side and made him fearless,Because he was a devotee of Lords shiva and in turn,Bana honoured and respected you, and Thou didst return to Thy abode to Dwaraka along with Usha and Aniruddha.