Dasakam: 082 -- Slokam: 09

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मुहुस्तावच्चक्रं वरुनमजयो नन्दहरणे
यमं बालानिइतौ दवदहन पाने अनिल सखं|
विधिं वत्सस्तेये गिरिशमिह बान्यस्य समरे
विभो विश्त्कर्शी तदयमवतारो जयति ते || 9

Oh Lord, your incarnation as Krishna is the greatest because, Thy repeated victories over Indra, over Varuna (when Nandagopa was kidnapped byhim while bathing, DefeatedYama, the god of death, when you brought back your teacher's son Sandeepani. Defeated Agni when you swallowed the forest fire. Defeated Lord Brahma when he stole the calves of Gokula, And defeated Lord Shiva in this war with Bana.