Radha and Krsna can never be separated. . .
In the courtyard of the house, an amazing personality appeared there- a goddess apparently. It was a lady dressed with opulent clothing, a lady with bodily features as are not seen on this earth and this lady somehow or other sat down in the courtyard of the house of Srimati Radharani in Yavat. So Radharani looked out of the window and She was elated and surprised! 'Who is this personality? We are greatly honored by such a guest.' So therefore She sent some of Her servants to go and greet the lady and find out who she was. But they didn't get any answer because she didn't reply. So they were a little shocked, 'what's going on…why is she not speaking? And then Radharani personally came out and said, 'You must be upset with us that you are not speaking with us. But we are here at your service.' Radharani started to confer with Lalita and She said, 'I think that she is very distressed and she is really like going through some great sadness.' So then Radharani became very soft and gentle and She said, 'oh My dear goddess, what is wrong with you? What calamity has happened to you? Please don't remain quiet, you must know, that shared sorrow is immediately relieved. You will feel immediately relieved if you express your pain. So please speak of the matter that is in your heart.'
And then the goddess began to speak and said, 'Yes You are right. You have understood indeed! Indeed I am going through a great sadness.' And the gopis are like, 'oh, great sadness?' This goddess said, 'actually, I am greatly distressed! I am a demigoddess and can witness the pastimes or the activities that are taking place here on earth. And I have witnessed every detail of how Krsna has treated You!' she said to Radharani. 'and it is just incredible! How can He treat You like this! You are cent per cent dedicated to Him and He just ignores You and just goes off with someone else! How can You tolerate it! I cannot tolerate it! I cannot tolerate it any longer and therefore I had to come here.'
And the whole thing came out, 'what Krsna is doing to You, it is just too much! How can He plunge You, plunge You so cruelly into an ocean of separation! How can He! He is heartless!' Srimati Radharani said, 'enough! Enough! Don't speak like that about Krsna! Krsna is full of love. He is always kind and merciful towards Me.'
(Goddess): 'You call that merciful, when He just brutally, brutally leaves you like that with a bleeding broken heart? You call that merciful and kind? I think due to the pain and distress, you are losing your mental faculties.'
'No,' Radharani said, 'Krsna is never separated from Me. Never ever! Krsna is always, always, at every moment, completely absorbed in thought of Me. In fact, we are never ever separated. Not even for a fraction of a moment because we are one. We are completely one and we are never separated.'
'Well,' the goddess said, 'hmmm…it sounds nice, it sounds that You have found a way to deal with the distress and to somehow or other You have created some sort of illusion by which You can deal with the pain. But I'm sorry to say, I must be honest, I'm not convinced. If You and Krsna are really one, then You must prove it to me, that You will bring Him here right now.'
'All right,' Srimati Radharani said, 'I will bring Him here right now.'
And she closed Her eyes and started to pray intensely for Krsna to appear. And the goddess quickly took off her disguise and took on the original form of Krsna! And when She opened Her eyes, Krsna was present! Radharani was just overwhelmed! Suddenly Krsna was just there! And She said, 'where did that goddess go?' and Krsna said, 'oh she said that She had to go back!'
राधे राधे ! !

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