Dasakam: 083 -- Slokam: 01

रामेअ थ गोकुलगते प्रमदाप्रसक्ते
हुउतानुपेत यमुनादमने मदाण्धे |
स्वैरं समारामति सेवक वाद मुउढो
दुउतं नययुन्क्त तव पौण्ड्रक वासुदेवः ||1

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Balarama had gone to Gokula and was engaged in amorous sports with the damsels, and had changed the course of the Yamuna out of rage did not come near him when he called her, At that juncture, one Paundraka, holding himself outas an incarnation of Narayana, who lost his wisdom on being ill- advised by his courtiers, deputed a messenger to Thee