Dasakam: 083 -- Slokam: 02

नारायणो(अ)हमवतीर्ण इहास्मि भूमौ
धत्से किल त्वमपि मामकलक्षनानि |
उत्सर ^जय तानि शरणं व्रज मामिति त्वां
दुउतो जगाद सकलैर्हसितः सभायाम् ||2

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The messenger, in Thy open court, deliveredthe message from Paundraka claiming himself to be an incarnation of Narayana, and and I understand, That Thyalso carry the emblems of conch, discus, etc. Vishnu like me And so it is better if you discard them and seek his refuge.