Dasakam: 083 -- Slokam: 08

अभ्यापतत्यमित धाम्नि भवन्महास्त्रे
हा हेति विद्रुतवती खलु घोरक्र ^इत्या |
रोशात्सुदक्षिण मदक्षिनचेष्तितं तं
पुप्लोष चक्रमपि काशिपुरीमधाक्शीत् || 8

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When your Sudarshana wheel rushed towards it with great power, the Kritya fled, wailing in distress, and vented its rage onSudakshina for using it for an improper, evil purpose and burnt him (Sudakshina) down and also reduced the city of Kasi to ashes.