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Ramayan prayag - End of Ayodhya kanda
When Bhartha was about to start towards Ayodhya Kaikeyi called Rama aside and tearfully spoke to him thus.
Kaikeyee raamam ekaanthe sravannethra jalaakulaa
praanjaliH praaha he raama thava raajyavighaathanam
Kaikeyi spoke to Rama privately with tears streaming from her eyes, " He Rama, the obstruction to your crowning by me ,
krtham mayaa dhushta Dhiyaa maayaamohitha chethasaa
kshamsva mamadhouraathmyam ksahmaasaaraa hi saaDhavaaH
was done by my evil mind deluded by maya. Please forgive my bad action as forgiveness is the nature of the good.
thvam saakshaath vishnuravyakthaH paramaathmaa sanaathanaH
maayaamaanusharoopeNa mohayasi akhilam jagath
You are Lord Mahavishnu Himself the unmanifest and ancient but you delude the world by your disguise as ahuman being..
thvayaiva preritho lokah kuruthe saaDhvasaaDhu vaa
thvaDheenam idham viSvam asvathanthram karothi kim
Being directed by you, humans act good or bad and the whole world being under your control how can anyone be independent.
yaThaa krthrimanarthakyo nrthyanthi kuhakecChayaa
tvaDheenaa thaThaamaayaa narthakee bahuroopiNee
thvayaaiva prerithaaham cha dhevakaaryam karishyathaa
Just as puppets on string dance as per the will of the hidden director the mayaa dances in the world under your control.
I was also prompted by you who wished to fulfil the purpose of the devas.
adhya pratheetho asi mamadhevaanaam api agaocharaH
Now I understand you who is the indweller of even the devas.
ChinDhi snehamayam paaSam puthravitthadhigocharam
thvajjnaanaanala khadgena thvaam aham SaraNam gathaa
Cut asunder my attachment to son, wealth etc. with the fiery sword of knowledge . I take refuge in you.
Rama reassured her saying that it was His will and told her to go in peace and give up all attachments and concentrate on Him to attain salvation. He said,
aham sarvatha samadhrk dhveshyo vaa priya eva vaa
naasthi me kalpakasyeva hajatho anubhajaamyaham
I am the same to all beings and no ine is inimical or dear to me. I am like a kalpa vrksha which gives people whatever they ask.
Kaikeyi was pacified and went away with a heart filled with wonder and joy.
After Bharatha left Chithrakoota the rshis residing in Chithrakoota
came and informed Rama that the demons Khara and Dhooshana with
their followers, who were stationed in Janasthana by Ravana, were
giving trouble to them and they wanted to leave the place and go
elsewhere.They asked Rama also to go with them but Rama refused
saying that he was quite happy there.
But Rama was troubled with sad
memories of the anguish of his brother and the death of his father etc.
and being deprived of the company of the sages also, he decided to
seek some other place in Dandakaranya.
Rama, with Seetha and Lakshmana went to the hermitage of Athri
and were welcomed joyously by the sage and his wife Anasooya, a
saintly woman and she was glad to see Seetha and praised her for her
love and loyalty towads her husband and extolled the virtue of
pathivratha dharma. Seetha said that even if a husband is not virtuous
the duty of the wife is to serve him with loyalty and follow him and
how much more so when one gets a husband like Rama who is an
embodiment of dharma. Anasooya gave Seetha divine garments and
auso picious cosmetics as a gift.
Then taking leave of the sage and his wife Rama and others
proceeded to Dandakaranya.
Thus ends Ayodhyakanda.

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