नमो नमो भारताम्बे सारस्वत शरीरिणीम् |
नमोस्तु जगताम्वंदे ब्रम्हविद्या प्रकाषिनीम् |
रत्नाकरधौतपदां भारताम्बे हिमालया: किरीटिनीम् |
गंगात्या सरिता सर्वं स्तन्यं ते विश्वपावनीं ||

Prostrations to thee mother Bharata, thou art the embodiment of knowledge !
Prostrations to thee who is adored by the whole world! You enlighten all with Brhm Vidya (Supreme Knowledge) !
The Oceans wash your feets o! Mother Bharata who has Himalays as her crown !
Divine rivers like ganga are thou breast milk. Though them you purify the entire world !

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