Narayaneeyam - Dasakam 85 Jarasandha and Shishupal Slain

Oh Lord, twenty thousand eight hundred kings, Who were caught and kept and tortured by Jarasandha,Send an emissary to you , who is the only support ,For people without any support and they ,Requested you to completely eliminate Jarasandha. Having decided to wage a war against Jarasandha, Hearing from Narada that Dharmaputhra is planning to have a Rajassoya,You becoming one who was not able to decide on the priority between these two,And when Udhava told that since Rajasooya involved in making, All other kings under you, these two aims can be carried out together, Along with all related people you went to the kingdom of Yudhishtra. When Lord Krishna visited Indra prastha to attend the RajaSooya conducted by Yudhishtra all the Pandavas set out in all the directions to conquer the kings and expand the boundaries of their kingdom.

Warriors like Bheem, Arjun defeated great kings all around and extended the boundaries of Yudhisthir's empire. But to defeat Jarasandh, - Bheema, Arjuna and Lord Krishna went in the guise Brahmins. They reached Jarasandh capital Girivraj and prayed him for donations. Jarasandh promised to give them the things of their desires. Lord Krishna then introduced themselves and begged Jarasandh for a duel with any of them. Jarasandh accepted to fight a duel with Bheema. He gave Bheema a mace and both of them came out to the outskirts of the town, where they began their duel. Both of them were equally strong and equally brave and well pitted.

Twenty-seven days passed, but their duel remained inconclusive. On the twenty-eighth day, during the fight, Lord signaled Bheema a way to kill Jarasandh. He took a small twig in his hands and tore it apart into two. Bheema understood the signal and beating Jarasandh on ground, he tore him apart in two pieces and threw them in opposite directions. Thus came the end of evil Jarasandh. Lord Krishna and Arjuna heartily greeted Bheema for his success. They then enthroned Jarasandh's son Sahdev and also got the captive kings released.


King Yudhishthir had invited great vedic Brahmins and Acharayas on the occasion. Those great Sages included Ved Vyas, Bhardwaj, Sumantu, Gautam, Asit, Vashishth, Chyvan, Kanv, Maitrey, Kavash, Chit, Vishvamitra, Vamdev, Sumati, Jemini, Kratu, Pail, Parashurama, Shukracharya, Asuri, Vitihotra, Madhuchchanda, Veersen and Akritvarn etc. Persons from Kauravas side like Drona, Bheeshma, Kripacharya, Dhritrashtra, Vidhur and Duryodhan etc. were too invited to witness the celebrations. Even Brahma, Shiv, Indra, Gandharvas, Vidyadhars had too arrived. But before the Yagya could start a dispute cropped up among the great sages as to who ought to be worshipped first in the Yagya.

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In the opinion of Sahdeva (youngest of the Pandava brothers, not the son of Jarasandh), Lord Krishna deserved the first worship. Every one supported him. Only Shishupal could not tolerate the decision. He stood up and said: "In the presence of such great ascetics, savants, polymaths and sages, how can this cowherd deserve the first worship." Despite Shishupal bitter remarks Lord Krishna kept quiet. But Shishupal did not. Encouraged by Lord's silence he began to attack the kings, who stood by Lord's side, with sword. He was simultaneously abusing Lord Krishna also. Lord had assured Shishupal of this forgiveness for up to one hundred sins. But now Shishupal's sins have crossed that permitted number. So, quieting all, Lord cut his head with His wheel. As soon as the dead body of Shishupal fell on the ground, a flame emerged from it and merged with Lord Krishna. Shukdev says: "O Parikshit, feelings of hostility had been accumulating in the heart of Shishupal for his past three births against Lord Krishna. It was because of these intense hostile feelings that Shishupal met salvation eventually.

After the salvation of Shishupal, ceremonies and rituals of Yagya proceeded unabated. At the end king Yudhishthir presented all those present there with fitting gifts and tookceremonial bath. At the request of Pandavas, lord Krishna stayed in Indraprastha for many months.Later you helped them complete the Raja suya sacrifice in a fitting manner,And people shouted “Victory to Yudhishtra, Victory to Lord Krishna”, And At the request of Pandavas, lord Krishna stayed in Indraprastha for many months. Then you returned home but the bad Duryodhana , becoming jealous ,Of the great wealth of his enemies stumbled in the assembly hall, Constructed by Maya, becoming confused between, Places filled with flowing water and places of firm ground. When Bheema and Panchali laughed with derision at his confusion, Oh Lord, you encouraged them in so doing by your mischievous glances, And this immediately became the seed that would diminish the burden of earth.