Dasakam: 085 -- Slokam: 02

[hd5]यियासुरभिमागधं तदनु नारदोदीरिता-
द्युधिष्ठिरमखोद्यमादुभयकार्यपर्याकुल: ।
शशंसुषि निजै: समं पुरमियेथ यौधिष्ठिरीम् ॥२॥[/hd2]

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Then eager to attack Jaraasandha, the king of Magadha, Thou were informed by Naarada that Yudhishthira was preparing to perform the Raajasooya Yagna. Thou becoming one who was not able to decide on the priority between these two, Udhdhava pointed that the sacrifice demanded that all the enemies be conquered, so by attending the sacrifice both the purposes will be fulfilled. With Thy followers Thou proceeded to attend the Raajsooya Yagna in Yudhishthiraa's city Indraprastha.