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Dasakam: 085 -- Slokam: 04

गिरिव्रजपुरं गतास्तदनु देव यूयं त्रयो
ययाच समरोत्सवं द्विजमिषेण तं मागधम् ।
अपूर्णसुकृतं त्वमुं पवनजेन संग्रामयन्
निरीक्ष्य सह जिष्णुना त्वमपि राजयुद्ध्वा स्थित: ॥४॥

O Lord! Thou three then went to Girivraja the capital of Jaraasandha. In the guise of Braahmins Thou asked for a festival of dual. Thou made the king of Magadha, Jaraasandha, who was lacking in good deeds, fight with Bheema. Meanwhile, Thou and Arjuna remained as onlookers and 'Raajayudhva' i.e. who make kings fight