Dasakam: 085 -- Slokam: 10

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तत: सुमहिते त्वया क्रतुवरे निरूढे जनो
ययौ जयति धर्मजो जयति कृष्ण इत्यालपन्।
खल: स तु सुयोधनो धुतमनास्सपत्नश्रिया
मयार्पितसभामुखे स्थलजलभ्रमादभ्रमीत् ॥१०॥

On the glorious sacrifice, Rajasuya, being successfully completed by Thee, the assembled people departed raising paeans of "Victory to Yudhishtira, and Victory to Krishna". However, Duryodhana, who was burning with jealousy at the prosperity of hisenemies (the Pandavas), lost his poise and stumbled in front of the Assembly Hallconstructed for the Pandavas by Maya, architect of the demons, out of his perplexityand confusion between firm ground and running water