Dasakam: 086 -- Slokam:5

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युद्धोद्योगेऽथ मन्त्रे मिलति सति वृत: फल्गुनेन त्वमेक:
कौरव्ये दत्तसैन्य: करिपुरमगमो दूत्यकृत् पाण्डवार्थम् ।
भीष्मद्रोणादिमान्ये तव खलु वचने धिक्कृते कौरवेण
व्यावृण्वन् विश्वरूपं मुनिसदसि पुरीं क्षोभयित्वागतोऽभू: ॥५॥

As the preparations of the war were on and strategies were decided, Arjuna asked Thee alone to be on his side. Agreeing to that, Thou gave Thy army to Duryodhana. Taking on the role of a messanger of the Pandavas, Thou went to Hastinaapur. Indeed Thy words were honoured by Bhishma, Drona and others but Duryodhana rejected them altogether. Revealing Thy Cosmic form in the assembly of the sages Thou shook up the entire Hastinaapur and returned to Dwaarikaa.