Dasakam: 086 -- Slokam:7

भक्तोत्तंसेऽथ भीष्मे तव धरणिभरक्षेपकृत्यैकसक्ते
नित्यं नित्यं विभिन्दत्ययुतसमधिकं प्राप्तसादे च पार्थे ।
निश्शस्त्रत्वप्रतिज्ञां विजहदरिवरं धारयन् क्रोधशाली-
वाधावन् प्राञ्जलिं तं नतशिरसमथो वीक्ष्य मोदादपागा: ॥७॥

Bhishma, one of the leading devotees was intent on helping in fulfilling Thy purpose of reducing the burden of the earth, and was killing almost 10,000 warriors everyday. Arjuna had become very exhausted in resisting Bheeshma. Forgetting Thy vow of not taking up arms in the war, Thou rushed towards Bheeshma with Thy great discus in hand as though in great anger. Bheeshma stood with folded hands and bent down his head as Thou approachedhim. Seeing him thus Thou were full of joy and desisted from attacking him.

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