I profusely thank our honourable and respescted members Sri NVS swamin, Mr Brahmanyam, and Mrs. Priya madam for their valuable contributions , replies and views about this serious matter as mentioned by Mr.Brahmanyam. I have made a note of this for my future guidence. Before proceeding further in this serious matter, I would like to place on record my apologies to Mrs.Priyamadam if in any way knowingly or unknowingly distured her feelings, I only requested her to see things in its own perspective in the light but it appears that she mistook it differentially. Any how let us put an end to this. My only concern is why our children are going astray and how to stop this trend. As Mr NVS said let us leave this to God Almighty and take care of our children. I am a straight forward person and hence put forward my views if they are liked or not. That is one of my weaknesses. Some may take it as an offence. Anyhow my thread has disturbed the hornet nest and learned people may definitely discuss this matter threadbear.
I am afraid my threads are always encounter controvercies and therefore have decided to withdraw from this forum. I would request MrNVS swamin to remove my name from the list of members. Taking this opportunity I place on records my sincere thanks to one and all the members of this forum and appologise for any omission and commissions that I Might have committed during my short stint as member of this forum. Thank u all ladies and gentlemen. With regards. Adiyaen P.S.Narasimhan

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