Dasakam: 087 -- Slokam: 05

प्रपूजितं तं प्रियया च वीजितं करे गृहीत्वाऽकथय: पुराकृतम् ।
यदिन्धनार्थं गुरुदारचोदितैरपर्तुवर्ष तदमर्षि कानने ॥५॥

After doing him the proper honours, and getting him fanned by Thy consort herself, andtaking hold of his hands, Thou didst converse with him about the various memories ofthose days in the Ashram of Sage Sandipani, and, in particular, about the incidentwhen both of you went to the forest at the instance of Thy teacher's wife, to gather fuel,and were taken unawares by an untimely shower of rain.

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