Dasakam: 087 -- Slokam: 06

त्रपाजुषोऽस्मात् पृथुकं बलादथ प्रगृह्य मुष्टौ सकृदाशिते त्वया ।
कृतं कृतं नन्वियतेति संभ्रमाद्रमा किलोपेत्य करं रुरोध ते ॥६॥

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Due to shyness when Kuchela hesitated to give the offering,brought by him , you forcibly snatched it from his hand,And by the time you took one hand full of that offering,The very nervous Rukhmani who was goddess Lakshmi , rushed to that place ,And stopped your hand saying, “Is this not enough?”.