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Narayaneeyam - Dasakam 88 Santhana Gopalam
As per request of his mother Devaki, Lord Krishna brought back from the Suthala world a ll his dead siblings and later gave them salvation. He also helped Arjuna to keep up his promise of saving from death an expected child of a Brahmin , by taking him to Vaikunta.Hearing the news that you had brought back alive the dead sons of your teacher,Devaki , your mother, who earlier itself wanted to see her six dead children ,And on her request you brought those six sons who were earlier sons of Mareechi,And later due to the curse of Brahma were reborn as sons of Hiranyakasipu,From the land of Suthala by approaching Mahabali, who gave them to you,And after showing them to your mother sent them back to your own place.Once desirous of giving blessing to your great devotees,Sruthadeva who was a very famous learned Brahmin,And king Nahulaswa another of your greatest devotees ,You went along with great many sages to the town of Mithila. With the desire to bless both the great well known Braahmina Shrutadeva and the deeply devoted king Bahulaashwa, Thou went to Mithilaa along with many ascetics.You took two different forms and reached,Both their houses simultaneously,And while one worshipped you in a very grand manner,The other offered and worshipped you the food and vegetables ,Which he managed to get as alms on that day, but you, We re pleased with both of them and gave salvation to both.

Later when a Brahmin lamented at the death of his sons, one after another,And when he cried, though you were the sustainer of the entire universe, You consoled him saying that “Who can stop the results of Karma?”And I think that you did like this in order to humble the pride of Arjuna,And his misconception that you are but only an ordinary human being,And to show him your abode Vaikunta and make him realize the great truth. This is also a story of Lord Krishna removing the evil thought from Arjuna that nobody is there to beat him in this world. On a fine day, Brahmin came to the Yadava Sabha carrying the dead body of a new born baby and he tells that his 8 kids died upon birth and this is the dead body of the 9th one. Lord Krishna won't mind him at all. When the people started talking, “ Alas, This Brahmin has borne eight sons,And it is due to the indifference of Krishna that they were not saved”,And at that time Arjuna happened to visit your town of Dwaraka,And was living there due to the close friendship with you,And a ninth son was born to the Brahmin who also died,And hearing the sorrowful wail of the Brahmin Arjuna took an oath that,”If I do not succeed in saving this Brahmin’s next child, I would enter the fire.”
Then that very proud Arjuna went to the house of the Brahmin,Without your knowledge and completely enveloped the labour room ,By a fortress made out of his divine arrows and in spite of that,When the new born baby suddenly died like the previous times,Arjuna using his yogic powers reached the cities of Yama, Indra and other places,And searched for the baby there and when all his efforts failed,And was trying to immolate himself in fire, you stopped him. Then you proceeded to the west along with Arjuna , in a super fast chariot,Crossed the horizon, drove away the deep darkness there using your Sudarshana wheel,And to Arjuna who was blinded by the strong rays of the Sudarshana,You pointed out a place after the seven seas and told , “Look, look”,And showed him your abode which is not touched by base qualities.

Hey Supreme God you along with your friend then saw yourself,Lying on the bed of a serpent wearing divine ornaments,Armed with divine weapons, wearing a robe of yellow silk,With the black colour of the newly formed cloud,Whose body shining with the deep luster of Goddess Lakshmi,Who is the chief of the trinity of Gods, who is the greatest in all worlds,Who is the only meaning of all Vedas and personification of salvation. The two of you are Myself alone. In one the divinity is potent and it is latent in the other, so you two seem different. To meet you I Myself took away the sons of the Braahmin. You may now take them away.' With such words the Supreme Lord gave away the children which Thou gave back to the Braahmina, while Arjun sang Thy glory. You are the Supreme Brahmam born to give salvation,
In this manner Thou delighted the world by various sportive activities nurtured the Vrishni clan and performed many sacrificial rites and Yagnyas To all those who surrendered at your lotus like feet,But have taken this incarnation with,A so called cause of lightening the burden of earth,And with sports such as these you were,Entertaining the entire world as well as,Performing several Aswamedha sacrifices,Entertaining thousands of doe eyed damsels,By your incomparable sports of love,And exhibited a human form belonging to the Yadhu clan. Oh God , at that time due to immense devotion towards you,Sage Narada with mind immersed with bliss was mostly staying in Dwaraka,And once Vasudeva you father who had done only good ,Learnt the essence of philosophical knowledge from him,And the great devotee and wise Udhava learnt this from you yourself,And it is believed that for the sake of the good of the world, To this day he is staying in the Badrikashrama for the benefit of the world.
O Infinite Lord! Thy exalted incarnation as Krishna shines in all its uniqueness where all people everywhere effortlessly overcome all sorrows and attained spiritual union with various means of friendship, fear, love, hatred, attachment and other unique methods. Oh Lord of Guruvayur, please eradicate all the afflictions of this world,And instill in every one the feeling of the acme of supreme devotion.