Dasakam: 088 -- Slokam: 02

श्रुतदेव इति श्रुतं द्विजेन्द्रं बहुलाश्वं नृपतिं च भक्तिपूर्णम् । युगपत्त्वमनुग्रहीतुकामो मिथिलां प्रापिथं तापसै: समेत: ॥२॥

Once desirous of giving blessing to your great devotees,Sruthadeva who was a very famous learned Brahmin,And king Nahulaswa another of your greatest devotees , With the desire to bless both the great well known Braahmina Shrutadeva and the deeply devoted king Bahulaashwa, Thou went to Mithilaa along with many sages.

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