Dasakam: 088 -- Slokam: 03

गच्छन् द्विमूर्तिरुभयोर्युगपन्निकेत- मेकेन भूरिविभवैर्विहितोपचार: । अन्येन तद्दिनभृतैश्च फलौदनाद्यै- स्तुल्यं प्रसेदिथ ददथ च मुक्तिमाभ्याम् ॥३॥

Thou went to the house of both of them at the same time by assuming two identical forms. One, the king received and worshipped Thee with plenty of rich offerings. While the other, the Braahmina worshipped Thee and offered to Thee the fruits and rice and other things obtained as alms that day. Thou were equally pleased with both of them and gave salvation to both.

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