Dasakam: 088 -- Slokam: 04

भूयोऽथ द्वारवत्यां द्विजतनयमृतिं तत्प्रलापानपि त्वम् को वा दैवं निरुन्ध्यादिति किल कथयन् विश्ववोढाप्यसोढा: । जिष्णोर्गर्वं विनेतुं त्वयि मनुजधिया कुण्ठितां चास्य बुद्धिं तत्त्वारूढां विधातुं परमतमपदप्रेक्षणेनेति मन्ये ॥४॥

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When, in Dwaraka, a Brahmana saw his sons dying one after the other and was loudly amending their loss, Thou You consoled him saying that “Who can stop the results of Karma?”And I think that you did like this in order to humble the pride of Arjuna,And his misconception that you are but only an ordinary human being, And to show him your abode Vaikunta and make him realize the great truth.