Dasakam: 088 -- Slokam: 05

नष्टा अष्टास्य पुत्रा: पुनरपि तव तूपेक्षया कष्टवाद: स्पष्टो जातो जनानामथ तदवसरे द्वारकामाप पार्थ: । मैत्र्या तत्रोषितोऽसौ नवमसुतमृतौ विप्रवर्यप्ररोदंश्रुत्वा चक्रे प्रतिज्ञामनुपहृतसुतसन्निवेक्ष्ये कृशानुम् ॥५॥

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As the Brahmana had already lost eight sons, people began to speak ill of Thee at Thy indifference towards the Braahmina even after he had lost eight sons. And it is due to the indifference of Krishna that they were not saved”, At that time Arjuna came and stayed at Dwaarikaa on a friendly visit. When he heard the wailing and lamentations of the Braahminaa on having lost his ninth son, he was very much moved. He vowed to bring back the son failing which he would immolate himself in fire.