Dasakam: 088 -- Slokam: 06

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मानी स त्वामपृष्ट्वा द्विजनिलयगतो बाणजालैर्महास्त्रै रुन्धान: सूतिगेहं पुनरपिसहसा दृष्टनष्टे कुमारे । याम्यामैन्द्रीं तथाऽन्या: सुरवरनगरीर्विद्ययाऽऽसाद्य सद्योमोघोद्योगपतिष्यन् हुतभुजि भवता सस्मितं वारितोऽभूत् :॥६

Then that very proud Arjuna went to the house of the Brahmin,When the tenth child was to be born, the proud Arjuna went to the Braahmin's house without telling Thee. He made a protective web with his arrows and divine missles around the labour room. Again suddenly the child's body disappeared. Immediately Arjuna with his yogic powers went in search for the infant to the houses of Yama , Indra and other gods. As all his efforts were in vain he was about to enter the fire when Thou smilingly prevented him from doing so.