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Dasakam: 088 -- Slokam: 08

तत्रासीनं भुजङ्गाधिपशयनतले दिव्यभूषायुधाद्यै- रावीतं पीतचेलं प्रतिनवजलदश्यामलं श्रीमदङ्गम् । मूर्तीनामीशितारं परमिह तिसृणामेकमर्थं श्रुतीनां त्वामेव त्वं परात्मन् प्रियसखसहितो नेमिथ क्षेमरूपम् ॥८॥

There seated was He on the bed constituted of the king serpant Aadishesha. He was adorned with ornaments and divine weapons and yellow silk garment. Goddess Laxmi was at his side and His form had the splendour of dark fresh rain bearing clouds. He is the Supreme Ruler over the Trinity of Brahmaa Vishnu and Mahesh and is the sole subject of all the Vedas and scriptures. To That Being, the embodiment of Moksha and identical to Thyself, Thou and Thy dear friend Arjun prostrated.