1. My mother's routine Thithi (Divasam) was there on 17th Jan as per the calendar. This we do very meticulously every year for the past 12 years with Vadhyar. However this year my father reached the lotus feet of God on 9th Jan and 17 th happened to fall on Asowcham period. So we could not do the mother's divasam on that day. Now the question is when should we do the yearly kriya for our mother without missing?

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2. Another related question. Our fathers masikam started this month and was due on 8th of Feb. However again we are struck with another issue. A pangali of our family tree passed away yesterday and the date 8th Feb again happens to be a asowcham period for us. How do we do the first month masikam for our father? Can we do it after the asowcham period irrespective of the thithi (the correct thithi was Ashtami).

3. We are confused and I am trying to refer several web-sites. Still I am able to the right solution. What does our sastras say? How do we do our basic kriyeas for our parents without missing out the routine?
Really appreciate your clarification. Thanks in advance