Dasakam: 088 -- Slokam: 09

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युवां मामेव द्वावधिकविवृतान्तर्हिततया विभिन्नौ सन्द्रष्टुं स्वयमहमहार्षं द्विजसुतान् । नयेतं द्रागेतानिति खलु वितीर्णान् पुनरमून् द्विजायादायादाप्रणुतमहिमा पाण्डुजनुषा ॥९॥

Lord Mahavishnu handed over the Brahmana's children to Thee, saying that He hadbrought them in order to bring Thee and Arjuna to his abode, as He wished to see bothof you, who were, in truth, He Himself, though appearing different, His divinity beingfully manifest in one (Krishna) and latent or obstructed in the other (Arjuna).Commanded by Him to take the children quickly, Thou didst return with them andrestore them to the Brahmana, while Thy glory was extolled by Arjuna.