Dasakam: 088 -- Slokam: 10

एवं नानाविहारैर्जगदभिरमयन् वृष्णिवंशं प्रपुष्ण- न्नीजानो यज्ञभेदैरतुलविहृतिभि:प्रीणयन्नेणनेत्रा: । भूभारक्षेपदम्भात् पदकमलजुषां मोक्षणायावतीर्ण: पूर्णं ब्रह्मैव साक्षाद्यदुषु मनुजतारूषितस्त्वं व्यलासी ॥१०॥

In this manner Thou delighted the world by various sportive activities nurtured the Vrishni clan and performed many sacrificial rites and Yagnyas. Thou pleased the gazelle eyed wives with unparalleled sportive endearments and on the pretext of unburdening the earth gave liberation to many dependents and devotees. Thou, the incarnate Infinite Brahman Itself appeared in a material form and shone through the veil of a human form amonst the Yaadavas.

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