Dasakam: 088 -- Slokam:11

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प्रायेण द्वारवत्यामवृतदयि तदा नारदस्त्वद्रसार्द्र- स्तस्माल्लेभे कदाचित्खलु सुकृतनिधिस्त्वत्पिता तत्त्वबोधम् । भक्तानामग्रयायी स च खलु मतिमानुद्धवस्त्वत्त एव प्राप्तो विज्ञानसारं स किल जनहितायाधुनाऽऽस्ते बदर्याम् ॥११॥

OhLord!, at that time due to immense devotion towards you,Sage Narada with mind immersed with bliss was mostly staying in Dwaraka, And once Vasudeva your father who had done only good ,Learnt the essence of philosophical knowledge from him,And the great devotee and wise Udhava learnt this from you yourself, And it is believed that for the sake of the good of the world,this day he is staying in the Badrikashrama for the benefit of the world.