Dasakam: 088 -- Slokam: 12

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सोऽयं कृष्णावतारो जयति तव विभो यत्र सौहार्दभीति-स्नेहद्वेषानुरागप्रभृतिभिरतुलैरश्रमैर्योगभेदै: । आर्तिं तीर्त्वा समस्ताममृतपदमगुस्सर्वत: सर्वलोका: स त्वं विश्वार्तिशान्त्यै पवनपुरपते भक्तिपूर्त्यै च भूया: ॥१२॥

O Infinite Lord! Thy exalted incarnation as Krishna shines in all its uniqueness where all people everywhere effortlessly overcome all sorrows and attained spiritual union with various means of friendship, fear, love, hatred, attachment and other unique methods. May Thou O Lord of Guruvaayur! for the removal of world's sorrows having incarnated also deign to endow full devotion.