Dasakam: 089 -- Slokam:2
सद्य: प्रसादरुषितान् विधिशङ्करादीन् केचिद्विभो निजगुणानुगुणं भजन्त: । भ्रष्टा भवन्ति बत कष्टमदीर्घदृष्ट्या स्पष्टं वृकासुर उदाहरणं किलास्मिन् ॥२॥

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O Lord! Brahama, Shiva and others who are pleased and angered quickly, are worshipped by people in accordance with their own nature. Alas! They are led to disgrace by their shortsightedness. This is indeed clear by the example of Vrikaasura