Dasakam: 089 -- Slokam:4

तपस्तप्त्वा घोरं स खलु कुपित: सप्तमदिने शिर: छित्वा सद्य: पुरहरमुपस्थाप्य पुरत: । अतिक्षुद्रं रौद्रं शिरसि करदानेन निधनंजगन्नाथाद्वव्रे भवति विमुखानां क्व शुभधी: ॥४॥

Getting no response after doing severe penance to Siva, (for six days), Vrikasura lost his temper on the seventh day and, by threatening to cut off his own head, he Compelled Siva to appear before him, immediately. Vrikasura asked, of that Lord of the universe, Shiva, he sought a very mean and cruel boon that on who-so-ever's head he placed his hand would die immediately. How can good sense prevail upon people who are indifferent to Thee?

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