Cow slaughter Indiragandhi

It was 1966 & *Indira Gandhi* was finding it difficult to ensure a victory for her in the next election.

She visited *Swami Karpatri ji* a very famous saint & *Acharya Vinoba Bhave* for blessings.

Both of them gave her their blessings but placed a condition...

if she became the Prime Minister she would immediately bring an end to cow slaughter taking place in the country.

In those days 15,000 cows were killed each day!

Indira promised she would do so if she won, and she won.

After Indira Gandhi won, Acharya Vinoba Bhave visited her & reminded her of the promise she had made before the elections.

Indira Gandhi said she needed some time to adjust to her responsibilities after which she would fulfill the promise.

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But, Indira never did.

Swami Karpatri ji's patience ran out & he decided to protest with his thousands of followers & other saints outside the parliament to ensure that the ban was implemented.

Swami ji & his followers protested outside the parliament.

But instead of succumbing to their justified demand, Indira Gandhi ordered to open fire on them.

Many innocent saints & followers were killed.

Enraged beyond words, Swami ji cursed Indira Gandhi that she would meet the same fate as his followers died.

We all know how Indira Gandhi died.

We all are forced to wonder that all this *couldn't have been merely a happenstance*.

The day Swami ji's followers were cold-bloodedly killed was *Gopashtami* the *most holy day for cow-puja*.

The day Indira Gandhi was murdered was also *Gopashtami*.

And one more amazing fact that *Sanjay Gandhi* and *Rajiv Gandh* also died on *Gopashtami*...

*Karma* will catch fast those who hurt *Dharma*...!!